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START: Duke Street, Dartmouth, TQ6 9PZ

1. Start – The Sloping Deck
2. Cross the road towards the entrance of Royal Avenue Gardens.
3. After exploring Royal Avenue Gardens, return to the entrance walk to the corner of the car park.
4. Follow the road round to the right in Mayors Avenue. Turn left into King’s Quay, follow till the end then turn right and walk to the end of Clarence Street.
5. Return back along Clarence Street and then fork right up Clarence Hill.
6. Turn left where the road forks uphill and go down Brown’s steps to your left. At the bottom turn right and cross the road into Market Square. After exploring, leave with the Dolphin Inn on your left to go through to Foss Street. Turn right, crossing Victoria Road, into Anzac Street.
7. Continue past the church.
8. Turn right along Higher Street then down the steps beside the Cherub Inn and turn right onto Lower Street.
9. Continue to the far end of Lower Steet.
10. Return past the ferry slipway and turn right along Coles Court. Walk left along the embankment to the start.


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