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Here at Dittisham Hideaway we pride ourselves in offering a luxury unique self-catering holiday experience, whilst continuing to minimise our environmental impact, we know how important it is to be GREEN for both our environment and of course our guests.
There are many ways in which we are doing so, please take a read of the below as here are some of the measures we have implemented to date:
• Our nearly 10 acres of woodland absorbs approximately 17-tonnes of carbon per year*. In order to increase this carbon capture and improve diversity of flora and fauna we have planted over 100 trees and seeded wildflowers, creating an undisturbed nature environment for our beautiful bees and butterflies.
• We have recently installed Solar Panels on the roof of the games area.
• Our treehouses are constructed from locally sourced, sustainably grown timber. Green building techniques help reduce the carbon footprint of each treehouse. Good insulation in each treehouse ensures that guests can stay cosy and warm whilst using less wood for the log burner and electricity.
• The fire wood used in the properties is either sourced from our own managed coppicing, or locally managed woodland.
• we use wood burning hot tubs to stop the massive draw on power that electric one’s use.
• We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and top up refillable bottles.
• We pay all staff above the national living wage.
• We have fitted bird boxes throughout the site, giving our feathered friends a safe place to rest.
• The use of electric vehicle charging points are in place
• Paperless office meaning you receive email confirmations and information.
• Encouraged to walk to nearby attractions/ places of intertest. Use of our in-depth walking guide to go in search for hidden view points along the River Dart.
• Supporting the South West Coast Path as a WayMaker.
• Dual flush toilets and handheld showers with water flow control
• No daily cleaning service, therefore reducing the use of chemicals and laundry.
• Water supplied by a Boar hole, meaning this water can be used for watering our plants and trees.
• Minimum noise pollution due to our location.

*Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere which they use to grow. On average, one hectare of native broadleaf woodland will store 300 – 350 tonnes of carbon over a 100-year period (Source – Woodland Trust)

The South West of England has the greenest tourism economy in the UK. We have a stunning environment, with more land mass covered by National parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites than anywhere else in the country.


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